Sunday, January 10, 2010


Happy Sunday! Today, I am joining Gypsy Fish for her wonderful Silver Sunday. I love old silver, like so many of you and the more tarnished the better!! When you're finished looking around, please visit Gypsy Fish for so many more gals who are participating in Silver Sunday!!
This is an old none working clock, I love it anyway next to a wonderful chippy Madonna that I brought back from Montreal. The plant is in an old silver plated urn.
A Quadruple plated silver creamer in my bathroom

This silver dresser set was a wedding gift for may parents. the necklace draping out of the small silver trophy is a necklace that my daughter made me for Christmas. It has a picture of my Mom in her wedding dress.

Isn't this piece wonderful! It is an Madonna that is an old ink well. it came from a Nun's estate.

A silver based plateau with my great great great aunt's wedding gloves

Old silver spoons in my whiteware vase

Morning coffee

MYchoicest pieces of new grand daughter, Brooklyn. I now take care of her 3 days a week...Quite live changing, but I am so lovin' it! Have a great day and be sure to visit all the other gals who are participating in SILVER SUNDAY!


  1. what beautiful pieces! I LOVE the plateau and glass cloche! Thank you for sharing..

  2. Wow you have some really beautiful pieces..starting with the clock! I love how ornate it great to have some family pieces..a necklace your daughter made is so special! I also love the cloche with the wedding glove-so fun! Thanks for visiting me. Have a great Silver Sunday.

  3. I'm having a hard time deciding what piece I like best because you have some beautiful silver pieces! The clock is wonderful, so ornate...and the ink well is very unique. I like pieces that showcase a family connection so I was really drawn to your wonderful family heirlooms and the necklace your daughter made for you.
    And of course your grandbaby's picture was the most precious of all!

  4. Beautiful silver you've shared! My fav piece is the plateau with the cloche over it holding your great grandmother's wedding glove ~ another one of my passions is collecting wedding memorabilia, so how perfect is that?!?!

    Your little granddaughter is by far the most beautiful pic you posted today!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  5. Hi Gale
    OMG what wonderful pcs of silver you have, your collection is fab-u-lous!
    My fav is the ink well and that little bundle of joy at the end of you post, what a little treasure!